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The BionicBack is a passive exoskeleton designed to reduce the load on the back during lifting and carrying. By supporting the natural movements of the back and relieving the lumbar spine during daily work activities, the BionicBack helps improve the health and well-being of its users.

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Relief in the blink of an eye.

The exoskeleton "BionicBack"


Up to 30% relief.

The cushioning system reduces muscle overload when lifting and carrying, which reduces physical strain.


Up to 86% less fatigue.

Lift and carry healthily for longer without straining your back.


37% Less back curvature.

Improved posture, no more lifting with a hunched back.


Das BionicBack ist ein passives Exoskelett, das entwickelt wurde, um die Belastung auf den Rücken während des Hebens und Tragens zu reduzieren. Durch die Unterstützung der natürlichen Bewegungen des Rückens und die Entlastung der Lendenwirbelsäule bei täglichen Arbeitsaktivitäten trägt das BionicBack dazu bei, die Gesundheit und das Wohlbefinden der Anwendendenden zu verbessern.

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We wanted to know exactly.

Empirical studies show that the BionicBack reduces muscle fatigue by up to 86% and improves posture by 37%. Muscle activity during lifting and carrying is reduced by 5-35%, which significantly reduces the strain on the back muscles. These results show that the BionicBack is an effective solution for supporting and relieving the back during physically demanding activities. The significant improvements in posture and reduction in muscle fatigue contribute significantly to the long-term health and performance of users.

The right setting for every job.

The BionicBack is individually adjustable and can be set to different body sizes and shapes. It offers two adjustment options: dynamic support for frequent bending and lifting and static support for activities in a bent-forward position.


All adjustments to the BionicBack can be made in no time at all and it can be put on in under a minute. The exoskeleton can be adapted to any body shape, ensuring maximum flexibility and user-friendliness.

Wearing comfort guaranteed.

The BionicBack is lightweight, simple and has no unnecessary frills. It can be worn over or under clothing and is so comfortable that you hardly notice it. Optional 3D pads are also available for added comfort.


The BionicBack is easy to clean and is made of robust materials that can be cleaned with disinfectants or water. Removable care covers are available for optimum hygiene in critical environments.

User-friendliness, flexibility and convenience have top priority.


Employee in the workshop

"It supports well, yes. I used to always have low back pain and pelvic pain and now it's better."
Close-up of the back section of the BionicBack
Are you already familiar with the BionicBack and would like to order it directly?

The BionicBack uses an ergonomic support structure made of high-performance plastics that is modeled on the human back. The cushioning system stores energy when bending down and releases it when straightening up, relieving the muscles. The flexible back structure supports the lumbar spine and brings it into an optimal position. This distributes the load evenly when lifting and carrying and relieves the spine.

The BionicBack in nursing and healthcare professions

Information on use in nursing or healthcare professions

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The BionicBack in the industry

Information on use in industry, trade or logistics.


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