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BionicBack at ruhrSUMMIT

A few days have now passed, but some impressions from ruhrSUMMIT have had to sink in and be processed. We, from Help Tech GmbH & Co. KG, had the pleasure of taking part in this great event together with DigiHealthStart.NRW and Ute Wenning. It was a successful networking event where we were able to have great conversations among the exhibitors as well as with the organizers and visitors.

Special thanks to Kai Müller MAEEM for the fantastic video editing and his wonderful company and exciting insights he shared about his product and excursions.

Christian Senfleben, who is still in the early stages with his company, but is bringing a super exciting product to the market with Wellenpuls and declaring war on back pain.

A big thank you also to Matthias Schwarz 🚀🚀 and Peter-Georg Lutsch, who recorded the mood and impressions we all had and have already published them as a special episode of Rocketing Healthcare. We look forward to hearing our Carolin Mühle in another episode in a few weeks' time. 🚀

And last but not least, an unexpected reunion, but a highlight, with a former colleague Laura S., who has started her own business with Stay Safe & Brave.

Many thanks Ute Wenning, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

See you next time! 🚀✨

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