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Occupational safety Can be sexy!

The game changer for ergonomic difficult working environments! The passive exoskeleton BionicBack offers continuous and optimised back support that is individually adapted to the respective activity. It goes far beyond conventional support mechanisms by intelligently redirecting forces that occur during lifting or other stressful activities. And all this without restricting your mobility - thanks to the freewheel function.



The art of development lies in the simplicity of complex solutions. During the development of the BionicBack, special emphasis was placed on user-friendliness in order to make the BionicBack as user-friendly as possible.


The BionicBack is as versatile as its application possibilities. There are two support modes that can be infinitely adjusted independently of each other with a flick of the wrist. And with a short pull on the adjustment straps, the freewheel function is activated - and climbing stairs, sitting or operating machines is possible without restrictions.


Promote your back health with the BionicBack, which stabilises your back, supports correct posture and minimises the risk of strain - all without restricting your freedom of movement.


With the BionicBack you invest in the future of your business. Experience the difference when technology meets comfort! Cross-industry applicability: Whether you work in healthcare and elderly care, ensure smooth processes in logistics, are involved in the production of complex components, manage the mail order business or lay the foundation for sustainable growth in horticulture and agriculture - the BionicBack is your key to a more productive, healthier working day.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a passive exoskeleton?

Exoskeletons are body-worn support systems that make lifting and carrying easier. There are active, movement-supporting models and passive ones that take the strain off the back. Our BionicBack is a passive, mechanical exoskeleton-think of it as a functional, comfortable backpack with no external power supply.


Can I lift heavy loads more easily with the BionicBack?

The BionicBack does not directly increase your lifting power, but it minimises the strain on your muscles and spine. By storing energy in the elastic elements when you bend, part of your body weight is absorbed. This takes the strain off your muscles and allows you to physically work for longer periods of time without rapid fatigue or strain. When you straighten up again, the pre-tensioned elements return the stored energy, giving your body extra support. In this sense, you won't become Superman, but the BionicBack will allow you to work in a more sustainable and healthy way.


Why do you need a passive exoskeleton like the "BionicBack"?

Spinal disorders are one of the main reasons for absenteeism from work in Germany, an often underestimated risk that causes economic damage of almost 20 billion euros. In areas with physically demanding work and limited automation, employee satisfaction also suffers. BionicBack offers a solution that not only maintains health but also minimises work-related risks. Complete work, take off the exoskeleton and enjoy leisure time without back pain.


For whom was the BionicBack developed?

To put it bluntly, the BionicBack is designed for anyone who has to lift and carry regularly in everyday life. The BionicBack is versatile, from care to assembly. Its flexibility and adaptability make it ideal for dynamic and static activities. Whether quick help in care or ergonomic support in the workshop, the BionicBack minimises back strain in a wide range of applications.

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