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The blind spot of (intra-)logistics: When employees fall by the wayside

A race against time, but who pays the price?

In a world that never sleeps, logistics and intralogistics are the invisible engines that keep everything running. They ensure that everything from freshly harvested fruit to the latest smartphone arrives at its destination safely and on time. But let's be honest: who thinks about the people who cope with this enormous physical stress every day?

When automation fails: The painful price of efficiency

We live in the age of automation. But while some companies have already taken the step into the modern age, there remain areas where it does not make economic or technical sense. And this is where it happens - the back literally collapses under the weight of the work. The statistics on musculoskeletal disorders and high levels of sick leave are frightening and cast a bleak light on the "efficiency" of the industry.

High season: a profit fest for companies, a nightmare for the back

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas shopping - these are the retail holidays. But for the people in the warehouses, it means peak work until they drop. While the tills ring, the backs, arms and legs ache. Work intensity reaches unsustainable levels and health falls by the wayside.

Where is the humanity?

At a time when there is a shortage of skilled workers and demands are constantly increasing, we must ask ourselves: what is the health of the people who form the backbone of this industry worth to us? Solutions must come, and they must come now. Not only as support for lifting and carrying, but as part of a comprehensive health prevention strategy.

A wake-up call for the industry

It is time to take the dilemma between efficiency and humanity in logistics and intralogistics seriously. Innovative technologies can be part of the solution, but the basics have to be right: ergonomic workplaces, adequate breaks and a culture that focuses on employee health.

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