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Produktfoto des oberen Rückenteils des BionicBack von hTRIUS
Occupational safety has never looked so good. 

The BionicBack from hTRIUS supports the natural movements of the back and helps to relieve the strain in your day-to-day work. It is the non-compromising solution for optimal support in daily working life, is individually adjustable, offers stability and is as flexible as your own back.

Flexible use

The right setting for every activity.

Dynamic Mode

The Dynamic setting provides optimal support when working deeply in a bent or squat position and is designed not to interfere with natural movement. 

Booster Mode

Booster mode increases the cushioning in the system and assists with activities that involve static and forward bending. 

Mix and Match

But you don't have to choose a mode at all. With the mixed mode, you have a flexible and stepless combination of the booster and the dynamic mode. 

Freerunning Function

With a flick of the wrist and a firm tug on the adjustment straps, all support is deactivated for unrestricted movement, sitting, operating machinery or simply taking a break.



The BionicBack stabilises your back, promotes a healthy posture and prevents risky postures despite its flexibility. The aim is to reduce the strain on you.

BB-Produktshot-V4-©hTRIUS GmbH-16.jpg


The relief and support settings can be infinitely adjusted to any activity while wearing with a flick of the wrist. In this way, it is possible to switch between dynamic, static or freewheeling function in the twinkling of an eye. 



When designing the system, a high value was placed on flexibility in order to create an optimal balance between mobility and stability that relieves the strain of daily work.

hTRIUS_Europa_Park (15).jpg


With BionicBack you invest in the future of your business. Experience the difference when technology meets comfort! Cross-industry applicability: Whether you work in healthcare and elderly care, ensure smooth processes in logistics, are involved in the production of complex components, manage mail order or lay the foundation for sustainable growth in horticulture and agriculture - the BionicBack is your key to a more productive, healthier working day.


There is a solution for everything. 

We find a solution for everything, whether for the healthcare industry with special hygiene requirements, or in hazardous areas. 

Verlängerungsgurte für den BionicBack

Extension Straps

You can use the extension straps to fit the BionicBack also for larger sizes. 

BionicBack mit einem Warnwestenüberzieher

Safety Vests


Not only use the BionicBack to support your back, but also as a high-visibility waistcoat. 

Ersatzpolster für den BionicBack

Replacement Pads

You can simply replace your padding when it becomes soiled. 

Überzieher von Help Tech für den BionicBack speziell entwickelt für die Pflege

Cloth Cover "Care"

You work in nursing? Use the cloth cover with handles to support your patients too.

We want to be precise.

Together with ETH Zurich, the BionicBack was thoroughly tested. For the measurements, the sEMG method (surface electromyography) has been used to measure muscle activity during static and dynamic motions both with and without the BionicBack. The electrodes were attached to the muscle groups involved in lifting. A 20 kg weight was used as a test weight on a daily basis.

BionicBack relieves muscles and joints.


As a result, the BionicBack exoskeleton was shown to significantly reduce fatigue in the following muscles when lifting: 

 - 86% in the lower back

- 50% in the leg backs  

- 76% in the gluteus maximus  

- 57% in the lateral abdominal muscles

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