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Recognition for BionicBack: Top Honors at the 6th Cluster Conference on the "Future of Care"

It was a thrilling competition! At the 6th Cluster Conference on the "Future of Care," the BionicBack team faced a unique challenge: We had a mere three minutes to convince the jury of our innovation. The presentation had to be direct, precise, and vibrant. And just when you're contemplating how to incorporate all the essential details, the moderator, Tobias Kley, decisively cuts off the speech – right at the 3:01-minute mark.

Yet, the effort was worth it: The BionicBack clinched the 1st place at the Innovation Competition! 🎉 A genuine testament to our product's practical relevance and efficacy. The primary criterion for evaluation? Its applicability in everyday care practice.

Of course, a big shout-out to our fellow competitors deserves acknowledgment. Companies like medicalvalues GmbH, Veli Perspective Care GmbH, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH, and Livy Care showcased equally impressive pitches and outstanding solutions. It's uplifting to witness the number of enterprises passionately striving to make the care sector more sustainable and future-ready.

The discussions were enriching, the insights invaluable, and I'm brimming with fresh ideas and projects for the horizon.

This isn't just about an accolade. It signifies a collective endeavor to revolutionize the care sector and better it for upcoming generations.

Here's to many more years of innovation and collaboration in the care industry!

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