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🏥 Now on MDR: The BionicBack at Otto von Guericke University Hospital in Magdeburg

The Urgent Need for Innovation in Caregiving

In the care sector, musculoskeletal disorders are responsible for 25% of all sick leave, with over 26 sick days per year per care worker. This worrying trend not only exacerbates the shortage of skilled workers, but also the financial burden on care institutions. In times when the demand for qualified nursing staff is continuously increasing, we urgently need innovative solutions.

This is where the BionicBack comes into play. The exoskeleton is designed to be easily worn under clothing and effectively relieves the caregivers' backs. Special textile covers prevent patients from reaching into the mechanics and additionally provide soft grips that can replace the often uncomfortable neck grip. All elements are removable and can be easily washed.

Magdeburg leads the way!

We are particularly proud that Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg is already successfully using the BionicBack in intensive care. This is a shining example of how modern technology can change the working environment in nursing.

We are extremely pleased that the BionicBack is now also receiving media recognition. The BionicBack was recently featured on MDR, which further underlines the importance and relevance of our solution.

Better working conditions in care are essential for high quality care. Through technologies such as exoskeletons, not only do caregivers benefit through reduced physical strain, but patients also benefit through improved quality of care.

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